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During the 90’s if one wants to buy a car, one needs to go to a car dealer shop. To service a car, one needs to go to a car service center. To repair a car, one needs to go to a car repairing workshop. Changing tires, one need to go to a car tire workshop.

Nowadays to buy, service, repair, changing of tires, we have a one-stop solution center.


It is the same for Wealth Management companies today. We at Prime Business Group, provides various solutions on Legal & Tax consultantancy, Investment Management, Trust & Will Writing, International Financial Services, Mortgage loans, Saving plans and so forth.

What Prime Business Group Do

In PBG, our consultants believe in the value of long-term planning. Our consultants’ focus is to partner their end-clients to work towards their long-term goals without compromising short-term and mid-term needs.


More importantly, our consultants understand the need to remain relevant as their end-clients grow and progress. As such, we ensure that our consultants will constantly be provided with the state-of-the-art tools, first-class training and services support platform to add value to their end-clients regardless of the lifecycle stages they are in.


we understand that consumers now demand more specialised and tailor-made services to meet their diverse needs. With our own unique Multiple Product Platform Support and Multiple Partners’ Network, we have developed exceptional capabilities particularly in the range, depth, and width of services available.


Personal Financial Planning

  • Cash Flow and Budgeting
  • Income Replacement Planning
  • Children’s Tertiary Education Planning
  • Home Loan and Debt Financing
  • Retirement Planning
  • Savings and Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Analysis and Planning


Corporate Financial Planning
While business owners concentrate on growing their companies, our consultants ensure that their risk exposures are adequately addressed.

  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Guarantor Discharge and Management
  • Shareholders Interest Management
  • Corporate Loans and Debt Advisory
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Business Consultancy


Cash Flow Management and Budgeting
Our consultants will provide their end-clients with an overview of their current cash flow situation, saving and spending habits, and recommendations on better and more efficient management are given.


Income Replacement Planning
Statistics show that a sizable number of Singaporeans are still uninsured or insufficiently insured. Most consumers focus on planning for day-to-day concerns, than on planning for the uncertainties in life like:

  • Premature, untimely death
  • Total permanent disability
  • Short-, medium-term and prolonged medical bills and subsistence living needs


Our consultants will ensure the success of all financial goals by planning for income replacement in the event of uncertainty.


Children’s Tertiary Education Planning
Parents will always want the best tertiary education for their children. With rising inflation rates and increasing tuition fees, sending children to university may seem like an uphill task.


How much does it really take to provide our next generation with a good tertiary education? Our consultants will help assist in building a plan that best suit the specific needs without compromising on current obligations and financial needs.


Home Loan and Debt Financing
Do we really have a home that’s our own? The truth is – banks probably are the legal owners of our humble abode. This means that our home loan could possibly be our largest debt in our lifetime. The question is: Are we paying excessively for our mortgage? Should we reconsider refinancing our loan? Talk to our consultant today to find out what possible options there are in the market.


Retirement Planning
Is relying on our EPF enough to cater for our desired retirement lifestyle? How much monthly retirement income is required to maintain our respective lifestyles? Retirement will be more pain than gain if it is not well planned.

Retirement plans must be reviewed periodically. Considerations include adjusting retirement living expenses with escalating inflation rates, annuities, existing portfolio and increasing medical expenses.


Savings and Investment Planning
The need to save and invest cannot be overemphasised., we take into consideration key areas like investment objectives and risk tolerance and current financial situation before planning. Our consultants have access to a wide range of local and international products that range from short to medium-term deposits and investments funds and platforms.


Tax Planning
Personal tax planning is another key area in wealth management. Tax planning uses mainly various investments tools (for example, the Supplementary Retirement Scheme) to reduce, shift and defer taxes legally.


Estate Analysis and Planning
Estate planning is a process of distributing one’s assets (to their survivors), in accordance to one’s wishes after one passes on. The key purpose is targeted at providing liquidity to the family that survived the deceased in the shortest time. Together with our legal counsel partners, ou


This is a CRITCAL area not commonly offered by other financial advisory firms., our consultants ensure that business owners’ risk exposures are adequately addressed while they concentrate on growing their business.


Corporate Risk Management
In any businesses, business owners will do whatever they can do to ensure that proper strategies and contingency plans are put in place to prevent a few major concerns from affecting their businesses and families. They are namely:

  • A Lack of Funds to Expand their Business
  • Equitable Sale of their Business
  • Fear of Bankruptcy
  • Continuity of their business – leaving a legacy behind


Guarantor Discharge and Management
Taking up financing facilities is a common approach adopted to raise funds to fund business operations and expansion. Most of the time, the directors are made the guarantors to these loans taken.


Having a good grasp of the implications on becoming a guarantor and understanding the proven methods to overcome potential problems will ensure the continuity of the business. To find out more about Guarantor Discharge and Management Strategies, Shareholders Interest Management


Shareholders disputes resulting in broken families, torn friendships and prolonged lawsuits are just some of the examples of ineffective planning. The challenge to any business partnership is to have an equitable shareholder interest preservation strategy that spells out the following:

  • Business Ownership Transfer Options
  • Business Interest Valuation and Funding of Business Interest Purchase


Having an effective strategy will prevent partnerships ending up in a mess and protect innocent families from taking the full impact of the financial burdens.


Corp Solution Management
Employees are the biggest assets of any business. It is important to implement the appropriate strategies to protect vital employees. When vital employees leave, the following issues will be faced:

  • Loss of vital Experience
  • Loss of Important Business Relationships, Leads and credibility


To find out how you can prevent such a situation from arising, make an appointment with a our consultant today.


Corporate Loans and Debt Advisory
Our consultants can provide numerous tailor-made options and loan packages, and also advise on how to refinance existing corporate loan packages.


Trust and Estate Planning
We tie up with legal firms, trust companies and tax consultants to ensure that estates and distribution are carried out with minimum delay and fuss.


Business Consultancy
We utilise proven business facilitation programs to provide an unbiased third party view of our end-clients’ businesses in the current competitive landscape.


Our Partners

  • AIA Berhad
  • AIA International Takaful Berhad
  • AIA-AFG Takaful Berad
  • CIMB Asset Management
  • OSK Wills
  • Asian Islamic Investment Management
  • OCBC Bank
  • RHB Bank
  • Hong Leong Bank